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a good & awaken story

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


My son Francis is amazing!  Although legally blind, he has led an incredibly successful life.  I think one of the reasons he has done so well is because he was raised without having a disability. If that sounds odd, you have to define disability as not having the ability to do what one wants in order to lead a full and happy life.  With proper modifications and technology, Francis has never been held back in any area of life.

Of course, we have chosen achievable goals when he was growing up. One of the many topics we tackled was how to fit sports into his life. Of course he could not play baseball or soccer, but he could be on the wrestling team and swim team. (He excelled and won championships in both areas.) The one sport that I worried about  was his skiing.  He learned at an early age…

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Happy New Year! Welcome New Life!

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Assalamualaikuum.. Hello everyone!
aah It’s been a while not to blogging here. as my first post on 2013, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all people~ 🙂
even though it’s already February, even the February will end soon. (hiiks 😦 )
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 and also HAPPY Chinese New Year / Korean Lunar New Year that celebrated two weeks ago~


a New Year, a New Life?

People said that New Year is perfect time to start New Life through renew the spirit, renew the way to see the world, renew how we repair our mind, and the important thing is renew the intention. because a new life on your 20s is a new period with several “renewing” actions.

Thanks to Allah who always bestows me with many blessing. many lovely people with their abundant love to share & show to me, many lovely “trial” from Allah which tweak + encourage + push me to be more mature. I should take several steps up to elevate my “level” as a Muslim, as a human. no time to be lazy! do not let laziness take over my time! I should look up! I want to reach my dream..

talk about dream, everyone has dreams. right? a dream that motivate us to life lively. to feel alive. and.. in this new year, should we renew the dream? hmh…. it depends on us! sometimes people feel down and then quit. not only quit, this poor people also burn their dreams away.. 😦

in my view, dreams are priceless things. do not burn them. just repair ourselves to better. it is okay to have high dreams, since the higher a dream is usually the higher and multiple our energy to reach it.. just renew the intention and steps to make our dream come true! and.. do not forget we should always be sincere and modest. trying harder and harder will be nothing if we have bad attitude to ourselves, to people, and ultimately to God. trying, trying, praying, praying, and sharing.

Keep trying because is the key to reach our dreams & goals. Keep praying because is the key to achieve towards what we deserve. everyone might want to live as the perfect idea of life they have, in fact all human being in this world always live as the God thinks perfect for them. as we need. so, let’s be more grateful! ^_^


actually those words I blog today are motivational words for me. hehe.. I am somewhat forgetful, so I wish through blogging what I should always remember could be a helpful way. Aamiin..

well, today I promise to my self to be more discipline in writing and everything. I hope I can spare my 1-hour time everyday just for blogging. just for fun & joy ^_^


thank you for reading my blog! once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and Let’s welcoming & go through this new life well~
Bismilllaahirrahmanirrahiim.. 🙂

[10 Days Project] Failed on November!

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Salam! hello world!

aah.. unfortunately I cannot challenge myself to upload anything during 10 days in November! due to my busy schedule and also the internet connection problems. hmmmf.. as I mentioned on the first post of 10 Days Project that I will punish myself if I cannot pass the challenge! what is the best punishment? what is the most suitable for me? :/

Misteri di Kota Pahlawan

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Assalamualaikuum.. Hello World! It is Monday and I am still on my 10 Days project to challenge myself on writing!
it seems already on 4th or 5th day.. I wish I can be more productive ahead.. 🙂
Mumpung masih dalam suasana Hari Pahlawan (10 November), berikut ini saya post sebuah liputan mengenai beberapa situs yang menjadi saksi heroisme para pahlawan di Surabaya. Saya meliputnya pada tahun 2007 pada saat liburan. tulisan ini semacam laporan liburan sekaligus liputan khusus untuk tabloid BIAS di bawah asuhan Dinas Pendidikan DIY.
lagi-lagi ini tulisan saya ketika baru saja lulus SMA! mohon maap jika kurang mendalam atau kurang menarik. heheSemoga bermanfaat menambah pengetahuan 🙂

Misteri  di Kota Pahlawan

Surabaya dikenal sebagai kota pahlawan. Beragam peristiwa heroik yang pernah terjadi di kota ini merupakan alasannya. Salah satu peristiwa yang terkenal adalah peristiwa 10 November 1945, di mana pada saat itu para pejuang Indonesia dengan gagah berani melawan penjajah. Hampir semua bagian kota Surabaya menjadi saksi perjuangan para pahlawan kita. Sekitar lima puluh situs yang saat ini tercatat sebagai bangunan atau tempat bersejarah. Di tempat-tempat tersebut didirikan pula monumen yang bertujuan mengenang jasa mereka. Jika berkunjung ke kota Surabaya, sempatkan diri berwisata sejarah guna bersantai sambil menambah pengetahuan.

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[10 Days Project] Stay Healthy and Happy!

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Hello world! Assalamualaikuum..
It is Wednesday. and I am still on 10 Days Project to challenge myself on writing.
Today.. I would like to share little thoughts and feelings of mine about health. It is gonna be in Bahasa Indonesia. and taken from my twitter:  @davinAzalia with hashtag #hidupsehat.
it might be lame and not a deep writing. so, feel free to comment or criticize me. and I wish I could write more about my experiences on struggling for health in next post.
Thank you.. happy reading~

Sehat itu mahal. Lebih mahal lagi jika kamu sakit..

Sejak kecil bergantung dengan obat, vitamin, suplemen, serta susu non lactose (khususnya soya) membuat saya benar-benar membutuhkan itu semua hingga usia 22. Bukan berarti ga bisa sehat tanpa itu semua. Makanan sehat, bergizi, dan yang tidak membuatku alergi membantuku sehat. Alhamdulillah.. Tapi obat, vitamin, suplemen, & susu non lactose memiliki kontribusi besar untuk menunjang kesehatan saya sejak usia 2 bulan hingga sekarang 22 tahun. Orang tua & saya sampai hafal beragam merek obat, vitamin, dan suplemen serta apa saja manfaat masing-masing produk tersebut. Hehe..
Karena memang keluarga saya semua penyakitan, jadi mengetahui itu semua seperti sebuah kebutuhan. Dan jadi kebiasaan kepo produk-produk penunjang kesehatan. Intinya kami semua ingin sehat.. “Sehat itu mahal. Tapi lebih mahal jika kamu sakit.” itu semacam kalimat yang kami buat & rasakan sendiri. Hoho

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Makhluk itu bernama KEBAIKAN

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Kubuang makhluk kecil itu

Usang dan berdebu

Hendak kukubur ia



Remas dan cabik..


Sungguh rintihan yang lirih


Dalam tanah ia menjerit




            Apa yang kau lakukan?

Tanah itu terlalu lembab untuknya



Tidak kuapakan ia



Dialog yang slalu bergumam



Dengar itu! Rintihan menjadi keras!

Tersiksa ia

Terlebih bersama si pembawa bencana


Biarkan ia bebas dan lepas

Dari sisi gelapmu


Makhluk itu bernama KEBAIKAN


3 Desember 2006

[10days Project] “Challenge Yourself!” Officially Starts

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“Challenge Yourself!” That’s one the most popular phrase to encourage our-self, right?

By saying “Challenge Yourself!” to our-self could make our soul awaken. why? because I am quite sure that all people like challenging things. we will get excited or challenged whenever face challenging things. so, when we feel lazy or afraid towards problems we face, just challenge yourself! it will make particular circumstance that recharge our energy and make us “different view” to face our problems. for example, if we feel lazy to do homework, just challenge yourself by saying “this is gonna be exciting..!” or “when I solve it as soon as possible, I could have more days off.” in many cases, it will be more effective when we make supportive environment to boost up your mood! like cleaning up the room, playing favorite musics, or even taking a rest for a while before do the homework. many things we can do 🙂

What about to face hard problems or consequences of wrong way??

I am sure that the phrase “Challenge Yourself!” is useful to face more hard problems. we might take wrong path or take wrong way to face problems, and we realize after we go through hard times as the consequences. you know, there’s no one to blame, either to solve the problems. the only way is to motivate our-self and let our inner power & charm do what we should do. we need to make our-self get up, stand up, and clean up the mess we did. by saying “Challenge Yourself!” you actually convince our-self that we are able to solve the problems. we put faith into ourselves. we believe that we are stronger than we thought. and strong people like challenging things!
But the most important one is to have faith in God. Allah is The All-Knowing and Allah is The Source of Power. we may convince our-self that we are capable enough, but still surrender our-self to The Most Powerful and The Owner of The Universe.  Thanks to Allah to always bestows us with grace, enforce our shoulders, strengthen our knees, and fulfill our hearts with abundant love 🙂

What am I trying to say?

haha.. well.. my words above seem unclear. or maybe any of you cannot really get what I am trying to say.  is the tittle of the post relevant to the content? I can say Yes, it is very relevant! since we do not need any judge for every post we write as long as we do not write any harmful or humiliate others.
By posting this writing, I am trying to say that from now on I will challenge my self! I have 10 days project to post anything in my blog. Starts from today an 10 days ahead! Why am I doing this? I want to challenge my self to write anything, everyday. I have problems with myself to start writing everyday, while I have to write my thesis. I have been facing this problems for almost a year, so I think this is time for me to take a greater and really challenging step! I hope by doing this I cannot comfort myself to create writing-mood or just make my self know that I can do good things by writing something everyday. Yes, we have to see our-self positively.

By saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim I declare my self to write everything on my blog everyday. starts from now until 10 days ahead in this November..!

since it is my first time to make this kind of project, I will add several do s and don’t s:

  1. All posts will be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. when I get difficulties to write anything for 10 days routinely (Nov 1-10), I will make it once in two days or more. as long as I can make 10 days in any date in November, I pass this challenge!
  3. If I find myself exciting and want to add more days in the project, I will make it into 20 or more days during this November.
  4. I will punish myself if I fail this project. I will make an open polling for best/suitable punishment for me.
  5. I beg on you, anyone who read this post, please kindly remind me whenever I forget to write.
  6. I open myself towards any criticisms, advice, comments and ideas. anything!
  7. Feel free to follow my 10 days project if you think it will be fun, challenging, and helpful for you..


Okay, Good luck for me! Good luck to you all!

Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay alive!

Happy Blogging! ^_^

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