Salam! 안녕!

My name is Davina Azalia Khan. such a beautiful name from my Mother and Father! ^^

  • Davina (taken from Hebrew language) means the loved one, divine.
  • Azalia (apparently taken from Hebrew language) means reserved by God. Azalia sounds similar with Azalea, one of popular beautiful flower in the world.


Let’s talk about life, love, and whatever you like in this blog! Earnestly I would be very enthusiastic to talk about Korea, East Asia, and Globalization.

I choose my blog name rainbow1004 randomly! no specific intention to do that.

Rainbow is one of my favorite thing. It has 7 colors that look beautiful harmoniously. Just like our life with colorful moments : ups-down, sad-happy, disappoint-appreciate, etc. at last we find those colors are beautiful grace. make us alive!

While 1004 (in Korean: 천사 means Angel) is the most excited symbol and number in Korean language which has great meaning.. It refers to a symbol of noble and honorable heart that appears from people’s attitude and behavior. *such a heavy duty to be like that*

ultimately, I hope my blog could be beautiful like the rainbow; delightful, helpful, and inspiring like the angel! ^_^


please feel free to send inquiries or anything related to the blog at : davina_azalia@yahoo.com

facebook : http://facebook.com/davina.azkhan

twitter : @davinAzalia


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