Happy New Year! Welcome New Life!

Assalamualaikuum.. Hello everyone!
aah It’s been a while not to blogging here. as my first post on 2013, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all people~ 🙂
even though it’s already February, even the February will end soon. (hiiks 😦 )
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 and also HAPPY Chinese New Year / Korean Lunar New Year that celebrated two weeks ago~


a New Year, a New Life?

People said that New Year is perfect time to start New Life through renew the spirit, renew the way to see the world, renew how we repair our mind, and the important thing is renew the intention. because a new life on your 20s is a new period with several “renewing” actions.

Thanks to Allah who always bestows me with many blessing. many lovely people with their abundant love to share & show to me, many lovely “trial” from Allah which tweak + encourage + push me to be more mature. I should take several steps up to elevate my “level” as a Muslim, as a human. no time to be lazy! do not let laziness take over my time! I should look up! I want to reach my dream..

talk about dream, everyone has dreams. right? a dream that motivate us to life lively. to feel alive. and.. in this new year, should we renew the dream? hmh…. it depends on us! sometimes people feel down and then quit. not only quit, this poor people also burn their dreams away.. 😦

in my view, dreams are priceless things. do not burn them. just repair ourselves to better. it is okay to have high dreams, since the higher a dream is usually the higher and multiple our energy to reach it.. just renew the intention and steps to make our dream come true! and.. do not forget we should always be sincere and modest. trying harder and harder will be nothing if we have bad attitude to ourselves, to people, and ultimately to God. trying, trying, praying, praying, and sharing.

Keep trying because is the key to reach our dreams & goals. Keep praying because is the key to achieve towards what we deserve. everyone might want to live as the perfect idea of life they have, in fact all human being in this world always live as the God thinks perfect for them. as we need. so, let’s be more grateful! ^_^


actually those words I blog today are motivational words for me. hehe.. I am somewhat forgetful, so I wish through blogging what I should always remember could be a helpful way. Aamiin..

well, today I promise to my self to be more discipline in writing and everything. I hope I can spare my 1-hour time everyday just for blogging. just for fun & joy ^_^


thank you for reading my blog! once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and Let’s welcoming & go through this new life well~
Bismilllaahirrahmanirrahiim.. 🙂

~ by davinaazalia on February 23, 2013.

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