[10days Project] “Challenge Yourself!” Officially Starts

“Challenge Yourself!” That’s one the most popular phrase to encourage our-self, right?

By saying “Challenge Yourself!” to our-self could make our soul awaken. why? because I am quite sure that all people like challenging things. we will get excited or challenged whenever face challenging things. so, when we feel lazy or afraid towards problems we face, just challenge yourself! it will make particular circumstance that recharge our energy and make us “different view” to face our problems. for example, if we feel lazy to do homework, just challenge yourself by saying “this is gonna be exciting..!” or “when I solve it as soon as possible, I could have more days off.” in many cases, it will be more effective when we make supportive environment to boost up your mood! like cleaning up the room, playing favorite musics, or even taking a rest for a while before do the homework. many things we can do 🙂

What about to face hard problems or consequences of wrong way??

I am sure that the phrase “Challenge Yourself!” is useful to face more hard problems. we might take wrong path or take wrong way to face problems, and we realize after we go through hard times as the consequences. you know, there’s no one to blame, either to solve the problems. the only way is to motivate our-self and let our inner power & charm do what we should do. we need to make our-self get up, stand up, and clean up the mess we did. by saying “Challenge Yourself!” you actually convince our-self that we are able to solve the problems. we put faith into ourselves. we believe that we are stronger than we thought. and strong people like challenging things!
But the most important one is to have faith in God. Allah is The All-Knowing and Allah is The Source of Power. we may convince our-self that we are capable enough, but still surrender our-self to The Most Powerful and The Owner of The Universe.  Thanks to Allah to always bestows us with grace, enforce our shoulders, strengthen our knees, and fulfill our hearts with abundant love 🙂

What am I trying to say?

haha.. well.. my words above seem unclear. or maybe any of you cannot really get what I am trying to say.  is the tittle of the post relevant to the content? I can say Yes, it is very relevant! since we do not need any judge for every post we write as long as we do not write any harmful or humiliate others.
By posting this writing, I am trying to say that from now on I will challenge my self! I have 10 days project to post anything in my blog. Starts from today an 10 days ahead! Why am I doing this? I want to challenge my self to write anything, everyday. I have problems with myself to start writing everyday, while I have to write my thesis. I have been facing this problems for almost a year, so I think this is time for me to take a greater and really challenging step! I hope by doing this I cannot comfort myself to create writing-mood or just make my self know that I can do good things by writing something everyday. Yes, we have to see our-self positively.

By saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim I declare my self to write everything on my blog everyday. starts from now until 10 days ahead in this November..!

since it is my first time to make this kind of project, I will add several do s and don’t s:

  1. All posts will be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. when I get difficulties to write anything for 10 days routinely (Nov 1-10), I will make it once in two days or more. as long as I can make 10 days in any date in November, I pass this challenge!
  3. If I find myself exciting and want to add more days in the project, I will make it into 20 or more days during this November.
  4. I will punish myself if I fail this project. I will make an open polling for best/suitable punishment for me.
  5. I beg on you, anyone who read this post, please kindly remind me whenever I forget to write.
  6. I open myself towards any criticisms, advice, comments and ideas. anything!
  7. Feel free to follow my 10 days project if you think it will be fun, challenging, and helpful for you..


Okay, Good luck for me! Good luck to you all!

Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay alive!

Happy Blogging! ^_^


~ by davinaazalia on November 1, 2012.

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