The Three Little Girls

*I found it coincidentally on my computer. It’s very short fiction writing, yet funny. haha
well. this is my very first writing in English. I will never make a fiction writing in English if only there were no homework from my English teacher in High School 6 years ago. After giving little touch to the grammatical mistakes, it turns to be worth to read story. Enjoy! 😀

The Three Little Girls

The story happened about ten years ago…

There were three little girls, they were Rana, Rani, and Rina. They were sisters. They lived in Surabaya. Rana, 12, was the oldest children. She’s wise, kind, and also beautiful. Rani, 11 (the 2nd children), was cute, brave, a bit careless but she’s smart. Different from Rana and Rani; Rina, 10, was so childish, naughty, coward and moody.

One day on the holiday, their mother asked them to visit their uncle in Bandung. Rana, Rani, and Rina were so happy because they had never met their uncle. And then the day after tomorrow, they went to Bandung by plane.

They had stayed in Bandung for four days. After that, they continued their holiday to Jakarta. They went there by train. They planned to stay for a week.

At 10 a.m…

They arrived in Jakarta. From the railway station, they went to Hotel by taxi.

At 11 a.m…

They arrived in the Hotel. After the mother checked in, they direct went to the room for took a rest. Their room was on the 12th floor. When the poeple slept, Rina, the naughtiest children, sneaked out from the room. Nobody knew it.

Rina walked into the lift. She saw a picture. The picture told about the accomodation of Hotel. Rina was excited with a swimming pool picture but it was on the 7th floor. She was afraid to go there by herself. She planned to ask her sisters to go there.

*          *          *

Tomorrow morning…

Rina got up earlier than usually. She took a bath soon and then got dressed fast. That day, Rina was so conscious. Rana and Rani were woked up by Rina. She forced her sisters to take a bath and got dressed hurried.

After they were ready, they asked their mother to go to the restaurant. But the mother was still taking a bath. So they decided to go to the Restaurant.

Before they entered the lift, Rina said something.

“Look at that picture! What do you think about the swimming pool? This is amazing, isn’t it?” said Rina.

“Waow!! What a beautiful it is!” said Rani enthusiastly.

“Okay. Do you want to go there?” Rana asked her sisters.

“Of course!” said Rani and Rina loudly.

“Okay. Let’s go there. But.. Wait. Can you see that? It said that if we would to go to the swimming pool, we must use the key room.” Rana pointed a warning text beside the picture.

“I’m afraid we can go there. Mom’s still in the room. We can’t use the key room.” said Rana sadly.

“Ah! I get an idea. We can use the emergency stairs. What do you think?” said Rani enthusiast.

“It is a great idea! Let’s go there!” said Rana.

Then they went to the emergency stairs. It was in front of their room. So they could enter it directly. Then they went down to the 7th floor. But something trouble happened. The door couldn’t open from inside the emergency stairs.

“Oh, my God! We will die. We can’t go out from here! Mom.. I love you..” said Rina. She was so afraid.

Then they went up to the 12th floor. But they got the same result. The door could not open too.

“Don’t worry.. We can go out from here.” said Rana peacefully.

At the end, they tried to go down until the basement floor. Suddenly, Rina heard something from outside.

“Hey! I heard a lot of voice from there! Why we ask help to them?” said Rina loudly.

“Help! Help! Help!” shouted Rana, Rani, and Rina together and also knocked the door.

A few minutes later, someone opened the door and he asked why they could be in emergency stairs. Then they told him.

Actually, they arrived in the kitchen of Restaurant.



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